APA Services,   Sheet metal openings, Mobile AL.NEW HIGHER BONUS - $1200 - call for information Looking for candidates with a minimum of three years working in the aviation industry performing Sheet metal duties. Start ASAP after approval.Please send your resume to, VT@APASERVICE
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Sheet Metal Mechanic. New Higher Bonus $1200

APA Services • 
Mobile, Alabama, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
APA Services,  
Sheet metal openings, Mobile AL.
NEW HIGHER BONUS - $1200 - call for information 
Looking for candidates with a minimum of three years working in the aviation industry performing Sheet metal duties.
Start ASAP after approval.
Please send your resume to, VT@APASERVICES.NET
Contact a recruiter for more information:
  Libia Maurelli, ---please call 251-463-9329
  Direct Email: Lmaurelli@apaservices.net
  Reyner Rodriguez  --- Please call 251 604 5475  
  Direct Email: Rrodriguez@apaservices.net
Please send your resume to, VT@APASERVICES.NET
Please apply now!  
Job Requirements:
Sheet Metal Mechanics perform direct maintenance on Commercial aircraft through minor to major repairs and modifications and are responsible to produce airworthy aircraft.Sheet Metal Mechanics working on aircraft, components, or related parts, of aircraft are responsible to perform work outlined on applicable work forms in accordance with company policies and procedures, manufacturer's manuals and FAA requirements.Responsible to sign for accomplishment of work on applicable work forms and records in timely fashion.Responsible to keep work area in a clean, safe and orderly manner.Responsible for the overhaul, maintenance and repair of airframe components, and associated components in accordance with manuals and manufacturer's manuals including Policies, Procedures, Bulletins and Orders.Sheet Metal Mechanics will ensure the appropriate tag is attached to all parts removed from an aircraft in accordance with repair station policy. The Sheet Metal Mechanic, in performing his or her duties, is required to be constantly alert for defective, worn or failed parts as well as safe working conditions. The Sheet Metal Mechanic will be assigned to such housekeeping duties as policing his or her work area and/or repair and maintenance of company property.Sheet Metal Mechanics will keep assigned tools and support equipment in a safe and operational condition at all times, and when using calibrated equipment, ensure the calibration due time has not expired.Sheet Metal Mechanics will wear such eye and ear protection as necessary to safeguard sight and hearing while on the flight line during engine run-ups or when operating machinery and power tools.Sheet Metal Mechanics will submit in writing any suggested changes in operational procedures, which will enhance safe, cost effective aircraft maintenance. Other duties as specified by the Lead Mechanic, Project Manager or Shift Supervisor.     APA Services is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Travel: Mechanic pays for travel expenses

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