Aerial Wildland Firefighters – Helicopter Pilots Aircraft Pilot 2Multiple PositionsRecruitment # 2018-12-4971-7577-11687 SALARY RANGE: $29.32 per hour base salary$5,101 per month $70,000* average seven (7) month income with fire season overtime. *Based on the last fire year data.&nbs
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Aerial Wildland Firefighter - Helicopter Pilots

Washington State Department of Natural Resources • 
Olympia, Washington, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Aerial Wildland Firefighters – Helicopter Pilots
Aircraft Pilot 2
Multiple Positions
Recruitment # 2018-12-4971-7577-11687
$29.32 per hour base salary
$5,101 per month
$70,000* average seven (7) month income with fire season overtime. *Based on the last fire year data.
TYPE OF POSITION: Permanent, part-time, year round positions with a full-time schedule during fire season (April 15-November 15; approx. 7 months) and then part-time schedule during the off season (November 16-April 14; 5 months). These positions are overtime eligible. 
Multiple locations in Washington State
28 January 2018                
Note: Recruitment may be extended after 28 January depending on the quantity and quality of the application pool.
DNR Aerial Wildland Firefighter Helicopter pilots act as Pilot-in-Command responding to wildfires throughout Washington State.  This includes transporting fire crews, equipment and supplies, conducting aerial reconnaissance, vertical reference flight, longline external loads, and delivering/dropping water/foam suppression of fires.  Hiring and training will begin in March or April and fire seasons generally last through October.  Pilots may continue to be part-time, on-call throughout the year.
Job Requirements:
*Minimum of 1,500 hours as Pilot-in-Command (PIC) time in helicopters.  Experience must include solo flight time.
*Minimum of 50 hours flight experience, within the preceding 12 months as PIC of a turbine engine helicopter (preferably UH-1 or Type II equivalent) and the ability to pass a proficiency check flight evaluation to conduct rotor wing operations with the DNR's Chief Pilot including systems knowledge, pre-flight planning, performance planning, external load (water bucket and / or sling load) operations, internal load operations, passenger transport, reconnaissance, and vertical reference (longline 75/150 ft.) operations to WA DNR Practical Test Standards within 2 months of hire date and then annually thereafter.
*At least 75 hours experience operating Type II helicopters (Example: B205, UH-1H, B212, B412).
*At least 200 hours of Mountain Flying experience as defined by 14 CFR 95 subpart B – Designated Mountainous Area.
*At least 500 hours of Pilot-in-Command time in a turbine powered helicopter.
*10 hours external load/vertical reference/longline experience in helicopters.
*Has a current flight review in accordance with 14 CFR 61.56 or a FAA Pilot Proficiency check.
*High school education or GED.
*Strong personal management skills.
*Ability to function collaboratively with peer in a fast paced, stressful environment.
*Ability to consistently make sound decisions with little direct supervision.
*Ability to pass an USDA/DOI/USFS pilot check ride within 3 months of hire utilizing 75' and 150' longline transporting external loads and delivering water via Water Buckets to Interagency Practical Test Standards and then triennially thereafter.
*100 hours flight time of UH-1H or Type II helicopter as Pilot-in-Command.
*Longline/Vertical Reference Flight (Helicopter) with at least 10 hours as solo Pilot-in-Command.
*Experience operating Type II helicopters in the Pacific Northwest or other like mountainous terrain.
*FAA Part 135 Pilot in Command Qualification supporting utility and longline operations (Part 133).
*Qualified as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Flight Instructor or a U.S. Military Instructor Pilot.
*Qualified as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airline Transport Pilot – Helicopter (ATP-H).
*Qualified as an U.S. Armed Forces Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP) Qualification.
*Possess a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) helicopter instrument rating, US Military instrument rating, or 50 hours of helicopter instrument time logged.
*Familiarity with System Management Systems (SMS) in aviation operations.
*Familiarity with the Incident Command System (ICS) Operations.
*Currently or previously pilot carded for fire operations by USDA/USFS/DOI.
*Qualified or previously qualified under the ICS system as a firefighter (FFT2), advanced firefighter/squad boss (FFT1), or other operational ICS positions.
*Ability to work on uneven terrain in all weather conditions.
*Ability to work long hours (up to 12 days straight, of 14 hours straight and 8 hours of flight), particularly during the summer months, with frequent overtime related to fire suppression emergencies.
*The incumbent in this position is required to travel heavily within the state during fire season.
*Must have a valid driver's license and have two years of driving experience. This position requires driving as an essential function.  Employees who drive for state business, whether in a state or privately owned vehicle, are required to possess a valid license as defined in policy PO02-006 and abide by all other driver responsibility requirements.  *Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of hire.
*Possess a valid Federal Aviation Administration Airline Transport Pilot - Helicopter or Commercial Pilot license – Helicopter
*Possess a valid Class 1 or 2 FAA Medical Certificate, which is valid through November 2018.
*Must successfully complete IAT online courses MH-1, MH-2, MH-3, and A-110 within 30 days of hire and then every 36 months thereafter.
Salary Range: See salary range-See salary range
Relocation: Contact Dave Ritchie
Travel: Extensive during fire season
Job Ident #: 2017-12-4971-7577-11687

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