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Candidate TitleYrs ExpLocationRelocate?pref. states
Avionics Electrcian 20+Florida no
C-130 A&P TECHNICIAN & crew chief 20+International no
Machinist/Welder 10-20Illinois yes
A&P Mechanic 1Texas yes CO CO
A&P mechanic 1Pennsylvania yes PA FL
Helicopter Mechanic 3-5Pennsylvania yes PA FL
NDT Level III/QA/Instructor/Director 20+Florida yes WD WD
A&P mechanic 10-20New Mexico yes NM AZ
aircraft mechanic/inspector 20+Georgia yes GA FL
Aviation & Aerospace Professional 5-10California yes AZ MO
F15 C/D CNI/TEWS 20+International yes WD
Manager 10-20International yes WD
Quality Control Inspector 1-3Georgia yes
Helicopter Avionics/Maintenance 20+Mississippi yes FL FL
First Officer 5-10Utah yes TX HI
Avionics Tech 10-20Connecticut yes CT SC
Avionics Technician 5-10Georgia yes
Aircraft Mechanic 3-5Texas yes TX AZ
Aircraft Airframe and Powerplant Me 3-5Texas yes
AMT 1-3New Mexico yes ID NV
Aviation Technician 20+International yes
A&P Mechanic 1-3Colorado yes CO CO
Aircraft Mechanic 5-10Tennessee yes AL KY
Rotary & Fixed Wing Aircraft Mechanic 5-10International yes WD WD
A&P 10-20Illinois yes CA IL
Airframe and Power plant Mechanic 10-20Pennsylvania yes FL FL
Avionics and aircraft electrical installation, 20+California no
Aircraft Maintenance Technician; A&P Mechanic 20+North Carolina yes CA AK
Sheet Metal Structure Mechanic 20+Kansas yes
A&P/IA Technician or Inspector 20+Ohio yes
Avionics Tech 10-20Pennsylvania yes TX TX
Helicopter Pilot 5-10Oregon yes OR OR
Helicopter technician 20+Florida no
Assembly Technician 1-3South Carolina yes SC SC
Aircraft Mechanic 20+Mississippi yes WD

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