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Candidate TitleYrs ExpLocationRelocate?pref. states
Director of Maintenance 10-20Maryland yes VA MD
A&P mechanic 20+Rhode Island yes MA RI
Pilot 5-10Alaska yes MN
Linea de aeronaves 5-10International no
pilot 1-3Louisiana yes CA LA
avionics tech 10-20Alabama yes MT
First Officer 1-3California yes UT MI
Flight Instructor: Helicopter 3-5California yes NY NV
Modification , Installer 10-20California yes CO NV
cabinetmaker 10-20Texas yes TX TX
Aviation Mechanic 10-20California no CA
Aircraft Mechanic 5-10Maryland yes CA CA
A&P 1Texas yes WD CA
Pilot 20+Nevada no
Electrician 3-5Virginia yes TX TX
Pilot 3-5Montana yes OR CO
Pilot or Mechanic 5-10Florida yes
A&P 3-5Florida yes FL FL
Maintenance 1-3California yes
Aircraft Mechanic 10-20California yes CA
Avionics Technician 3-5North Carolina yes NC VA
A&P Mechanic 10-20California yes CA
A&P 10-20North Carolina yes OH SC
avionics technician 3-5Washington yes CA
Maintenance Technician 5-10Wisconsin yes WI WI
Mechanic/Maintainer 5-10Texas yes TX NV
A&P 3-5Minnesota yes WA SC
Turbines/Airframes 10-20Oklahoma yes FL AZ
Production Specalist 5-10Washington yes CA IL
Aviation Tech. 1-3North Carolina no
A&P mechanic 3-5California yes CA
Pilot 5-10Texas yes MT WA
Supervisor A&P Maintenance 20+Texas no

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