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Candidate TitleYrs ExpLocationRelocate?pref. states
Contracts Administrator 5-10Florida yes FL FL
Sheetmetal/ Composite Technician 5-10North Carolina yes OH NC
Sheet Metal 3-5Texas yes WD
Sheet Metal Tech 5-10International yes GA
Avionics technician 10-20California yes CA CA
Please SelectInternational yes
Avionics Technician 5-10Texas yes GA SC
A&P Mechanic 1-3North Carolina yes NY CA
Pilot 5-10Alabama yes GA WA
Pilot 5-10Washington yes ID ID
Sheet Metal Mechanic 1-3Alabama no
A&P Mechanic 5-10North Carolina yes NC
Drone Pilot 1-3Florida yes
Q.C. inspection 10-20Indiana yes
Aircraft Mechanic 5-10Tennessee yes TN GA
First Officer/SIC 1Florida yes GA IL
Uh-60 Instructor Pilot 20+Arizona yes AZ AZ
Helicopter Pilot 5-10International yes IL
Avionics and shops maintenance floor Supervisor a 10-20New York yes
Material Handler/ Tool Room Attendant 10-20Florida no
Sic 1-3Florida yes FL
Helicopter Mechanic 20+International yes FL TX
First Line Maintenance Supervisor 10-20North Dakota yes AL
A&P mechanic 3-5California yes
Avionics 10-20Maryland yes GA GA
Line Pilot/Instructor 20+Alabama no
Aviation Mechanic 5-10Texas yes FL NY
sheet metal assembly 10-20Kansas yes KS
composite fabricator 1California yes CA TX
Structures Mechanic 5-10Florida yes FL FL
air traffic controller / dispatcher 10-20Hawaii yes GA
Technician/Supervisor 10-20New York yes FL
Maintenance Supervisor/Team Lead/QC Inspector 10-20New Mexico yes WD WD
Maintenance 20+Alabama no

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