ASSEMBLER, AIRCRAFT 591-4 (684,590,583,458,207)Requiredto perform the operations necessary to clean and seal pressurized orunpressurized compartments and structures including such typical operations ascleaning surfaces; applying sealants by approved methods and hand working toremove bubbles; applyin
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Assembler Aircraft - Toronto

HSGI, Inc. • 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
ASSEMBLER, AIRCRAFT 591-4 (684,590,583,458,207)
to perform the operations necessary to clean and seal pressurized or
unpressurized compartments and structures including such typical operations as
cleaning surfaces; applying sealants by approved methods and hand working to
remove bubbles; applying various types of interior coatings by brush and/or
spray guns. Performs any rework necessary to prevent and correct leaks. Must
know curing and drying time of sealants. Works to blueprints, production
bulletins and other like information.
to complete, fit and/or assemble prefabricated parts or assemblies to jigs, drawings
or aircraft. Perform rework not beyond the level of difficulty normally
required in this classification. Employees who are required to perform work of
a higher level of difficulty will be paid the top of the rate which is
appropriate to the level of difficulty while so engaged. May be required to
operate a Dimpling Machine or Erco Rivetter.
not be required to plan, lay out or develop complex parts or assemblies, or do
rework normally performed by Sheet Metal Mechanics or Bench Fitter Mechanics.
out means other than that accomplished by use of a scale or tape and pencil or
to perform the operations necessary to engrave or mark items such as
identification or instruction plates, instruments, tooling, machine and
aircraft parts by use of pantograph engraving machines and/or Masson Seeley
marking equipment. May engrave templates for production runs.
paneling and other decorative finish in the aircraft and trims the cabins with
provided fabric, leather, metal or other material. Stretches fabric between or
over structural elements and installs panels by fitting and securing them in
place; drilling necessary screw holes; install fittings for drapes and shades;
lays carpets, etc. and may be required to place seats or other furniture.
to cut, splice or swage, solder and wrap, wire cable, rope or shock cord as
assigned and according to information received or available. May be required to
carry out prototype installations pertaining to his/her work.
to assemble and fit components and parts to an airframe and perform moderate
rework. Required to dismantle, clean, reassemble hydraulic or pneumatic units.
Essentially bench work.
the removal or assembly of engine or power plant components including
generators, starters, pumps, constant speed units, cowls, etc. and the cleaning
of parts and the carrying out of simple repairs or adjustments. This does not
require the dismantling, repair or adjustment of starters, generators, pumps or
constant speed units.
the ability to perform bonding checks for structural grounding points for items
such as pneumatic, hydraulic, and structural points.
to prepare moulds for lay-up. Trims finished moulded parts to trim jig or
scribe lines by machining, filing or any other approved method. Required to
assemble parts by plastic bonding, mechanical fastenings or soft riveting.
Locate and drill holes as required by process.
be familiar with all phases of Plastic Production and be able to accurately mix
given formulae as laid down by D.H. standards. Must be familiar with all phases
of sealants and be able to accurately mix given formulae as established by
manufacturer standards.
be required to perform sealing assignments in the absence of mixing assignments.
Required to perform the operations necessary to set up and operate shot peening
machines including preparation of test pieces for inspection. Work to process
and work order cards and/or oral instructions.
to set up and operate a power sewing machine to sew a variety of fabrics,
canvas, leather, vinyl, for installation and assemblies.
Job Requirements:
Knowledge of Bombardier Series Aircraft including Business, Corporate, and Regional Aircraft 
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: Relocation Fee
Travel: Paid Hotel and Car
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