JOB SUMMARY:The CAM Programmer is responsible for producing advancedCAM programs for 3 & 5-axis machine tools. The CAM Programmer will work andapply advanced machining techniques to support the efficient production ofrepair parts. The position will involve working with other functions such asEnginee


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San Antonio, Texas, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
The CAM Programmer is responsible for producing advanced
CAM programs for 3 & 5-axis machine tools. The CAM Programmer will work and
apply advanced machining techniques to support the efficient production of
repair parts. The position will involve working with other functions such as
Engineering, Machine Shop, Inspection, and others supporting Production. The CAM Programmer will report to the Back Shop
1. Produce CAM programs for all levels of machines
including, but not limited to, 3/4/5-axis machining centers, lathes, and
milling machines.
2. Produce machine simulations and become proficient
using other software packages for presentations, projects and training.
3.  Repair,
modify, and fabricate aircraft parts with the use of special tooling and ground
support equipment following oral and/or written instructions such as
supervisor’s directives and manuals to complete all routine and non-routine
assignments in a timely manner
4.  Maintain and
store various tools in a serviceable condition.
5.  Adhere to
safe maintenance practices and keep a clean work area.
6.  Maintain and
supply personal records of work performed on OJT forms for the Training
7.Successfully complete any courses deemed
necessary by the Training Department.
8.  Perform any
work that may be assigned by his or her supervisor.
9. Work closely with machine operators to ensure optimal
machining capabilities.
10. Select tools and inserts for use in creating
machining processes.
11. Conduct training for internal personnel and
customers, as required.
12. Perform additional duties as required.
Superior working knowledge of job specifications for
CNC Programs and CNC Machines. Good working knowledge or ability to acquire
skills of Lead Mechanic. Proficient working knowledge of all aspects of
Mastercam and Autocad processes, composition and characteristics of metals,
fiberglass, kevlars, carbon fibers, and tooling board, basic safety procedures,
operation of reader printers/ IPC, , basic knowledge of all aircraft manuals
and related materials, basic knowledge of ATA codes, basic knowledge of all applicable
F.A.R.’s familiar with company policies and procedures, familiar with all
paperwork procedures including job cards/ time cards, routine/ non-routine
cards, AMM’s, service bulletins, work sign-off/ sell-off procedures.
Frequently required to work inside the shop where
conditions are generally favorable with adequate lighting and temperature.
Occasionally required to work outside where, according to the season will have
exposure to extreme heat or cold, or light rain. Frequently required to climb
stairs, ladders or scaffolding and work on uneven surfaces inside and on the
Under direction. Normally performs duties according to
his or her own judgment, requesting supervisory assistance only when necessary.
The assignments frequently reviewed upon completion.
A moderate level of interpersonal skills is required
to maintain an effective relationship with co-workers and supervision. Team
player mentality is required. Must be a positive role model to mechanics below
his/her skill level
Requires easy mobility around various sections of
aircraft. Requires mental skills and quickness with the ability to cope with
stress and intense effort or exertion usually caused by long working hours.
Must have the capacity to gain knowledge by hearing for one’s own safety due to
the dangers involved. Working environment requires standing 90% of the workday
on hard surfaces. Must be able to lift 50lbs. and report to work regularly.
Job Requirements:
EDUCATION:  Associate of Applied Science in CNC Manufacturing Technician equivalent education/experience
EXPERIENCE:   Minimum of 3 years process engineering experience in working with CNC machines.  
                           MasterCAM preferred but other CAM software will be considered.
                           Good  understanding of various machining techniques including milling, turning and drilling as well as machine tool capabilities.
                           Good interpersonal presentation skills.
                           Effective verbal and written communication skills.
                           Must be legally eligible to work in the US.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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