GSE Mechanic (On-Site Boeing)

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Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Job Requirements:
Onsite vendor for Boeing in Charleston, SC. They provide 3rd party maintenance on a variety of machines and equipment onsite.
Tasks description:
- Perform Equipment maintenance following Maintenance Schedule
- Perform troubleshooting and repairs as needed
- Wash equipment quarterly
- Document maintenance and repairs on Service Job Sheet
- maintain continuous education
- acquire necessary certifications
- fill in Timesheets to track service hours
- assist in researching parts necessary for the jobs
- ability to read and understand the Equipment service/repair manuals
- ability to read and understand electrical / hydraulic schematics
- Perform a clean job in a timely manner
- Follow tool control procedures (work on flightline)
- maintain professional attitude in front of the customer
Base Salary is $50-60K

* They do offer an "On-Call" bonus. Techs take turns being on-call for one week at a time.
* They are paid an extra $200 the week they are on-call. If they have to go into plant during off shift, they get paid a min of 4 hrs of straight time pay. If job goes longer than 4 hrs then they get 1.5 for any hours over 4.
* Also get Quarterly Bonus based on SLA with Boeing - 6% of Base salary if the meet goal
Salary Range: 50,000-60,000.00
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