Duties and Responsibilities:Inspectors are responsible to the DQC for the accomplishment of their assigned functions.Inspect and write as discrepancies those faults found on aircraft, components, parts, and equipment, which require corrective action.Inspect to the extent specified for conformity to
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Quality Control Inspector / Auditor

Swift Air, LLC • 
Miami, Florida, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Inspectors are responsible to the DQC for the accomplishment of their assigned functions.
  2. Inspect and write as discrepancies those faults found on aircraft, components, parts, and equipment, which require corrective action.
  3. Inspect to the extent specified for conformity to acceptable technical and workmanship standards, work performed, and approve or reject the conditions found.
  4. Advises the DQC of any major problems found.
  5. Record inspection functions complied with on applicable forms.
  6. When “authorized” inspect those RII’s which he/she has authorization for. Accept or rejects same by means of authorized signature or inspection stamp.
  7. Be responsible for monitoring all of the inspection record forms used in carrying out aircraft checks and maintenance to ensure the proper completion of all entries.
  8. Inspect aircraft and component parts and accessories and issue discrepancies as a result of those inspections.
  9. Approve for “return to service” all aircraft, components, accessories, and articles that he/she is authorized to approve.
  10. Is responsible for conducting audits as described in the CAS manual.
  11. Is responsible for managing the records resulting from the audits.
  12. Is responsible for conducting any follow-on audits.
  13. Has delegated responsibility from the DQC to manage correspondence concerning any audits.
  14. Keeps the DQC informed of status of audits, any concerns.
  15. Assist in the management of the CAS program.
  16. Attends CAS meetings and informs participants of any needed information.
  17. Maintains all audit files.
  18. Advises DQC of any needed changes to the Contractual Vendor List.
  19. Other duties as assigned.
  20. Take the necessary actions to bring to satisfactory conclusion any unsatisfactory audit findings.
  21. Responsible for auditing and training (as needed) of various Vendors using the applicable Company Vendor Audit forms found in the CAS manual. Assures their qualifications and competency to perform the necessary maintenance, inspection or repair of Company aircraft, fueling and deicing/anti-icing Operations.
Job Requirements:
  1. Hold a current mechanic certificate with Airframe and/or Powerplant rating(s), or a Repairman Certificate with applicable Privileges and Limitations to the duties to be performed.
  2. Must be knowledgeable of the CFRs for those functions covered. Have available and be familiar with current specifications involving inspection tolerances, limits, and procedures as set forth by manufacturers of the product undergoing inspection, and other sources of inspection information, including FAA Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, etc.
  3. Possess a working knowledge of the Company's Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program in compliance with the Code of Federal Aviation Regulations and Company Maintenance Manuals.
  4. Have completed Company indoctrination training.
  5. Have completed familiarization training courses for Company aircraft or already have documented training from another source on the type of aircraft on which maintenance is being performed.
  6. Must meet the Mechanic qualifications.
  7. Must meet the initial & recurrent training requirements identified in the training chapter within the GMM.
  8. Must be qualified in audit procedures. To meet this standard the auditor must show that he/she had training in audit functions or is Coordinating Agency for Supplier Evaluation (CASE) qualified.
  9. Be able to prove the person is qualified on the type of aircraft the Company operates or an equivalent type of aircraft
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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