FLSA CLASSIFICATION: ExemptDOT STATUS: CoveredSHIFT: Second ShiftPOSITION SUMMARY: Oversees and controls the continuation of aircraft maintenance functions in the area of responsibility as directed by the Project Manager. Work accomplished to provide airworthiness upon completion of the tasks assig
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A/C Maint Supervisor

Flightstar Aircraft Services LLC. • 
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:


SHIFT: Second Shift

POSITION SUMMARY: Oversees and controls the continuation of aircraft maintenance functions in the area of responsibility as directed by the Project Manager. Work accomplished to provide airworthiness upon completion of the tasks assigned or required by the customer. Plans and schedules departmental workloads and supervises operations to maximize the effective utilization of employees, equipment and material/supplies to maintain project profitability as communicated by Leadership, Maintenance, and Production Control.


  1. Provides supervision and direction to departmental personnel in carrying out aircraft maintenance functions as required maximizing efficiency and minimizing work hours and errors. Monitors work performance on a regular basis.
  2. Ensures that assigned aircraft maintenance work is properly performed and is legibly documented.
  3. Monitors and controls project materials and maintenance labor expenses with regard to overtime requirements and limitations, according to instructions, plans, budgets, and schedules.
  4. Oversees the correct use of tools and equipment required to accomplish assigned tasks efficiently, properly, and safely.
  5. Provides liaison with other departments to ensure proper coordination of support efforts and availability of required information.
  6. Ensures that work progress is accurately documented on non-routine or routine paperwork to include stamps, signatures, and references per Flightstar’s ERP system.
  7. Ensures proper maintenance and control of aircraft visibility work boards and/or work booths indicating work remaining and work in progress, as appropriate.
  8. Reviews estimates for all non-routine maintenance documents and communicates any major defects or findings to the Project Manager.
  9. Obtains customer approval on original and revised estimates to accomplish maintenance on the customer’s aircraft and components.
  10. Enters turnovers in ERP system and ensures that necessary communication is logged as directed.
  11. Initiates and recommends approval of personnel actions including PTO, pay changes, performance appraisals, promotions, transfers, and leaves of absence.
  12. Interviews, selects and/or recommends hire of employees; and provides appropriate training for departmental personnel.
  13. Documents, reports, and investigates all accidents in accordance with SMS policy and procedures.
  14. Will perform verbal coaching records to adjust/improve employee performance in accordance with company expectations.
  15. Ensures adherence to company policies and procedures with regard to all department functions.
  16. Performs other duties as assigned.

Shift Manager

SUPERVISES: Assigned direct reports

In performing the job, an individual in this position experiences significant interface with company officers, other members of senior management, managers, and supervisors, other employees of all levels, external vendors/suppliers, customers, and government agency representatives.
Job Requirements:


  • Strong leadership, organizational, and project management skills
  • Strong analytical, influencing skills and interpersonal skills
  • Advanced technical reading/writing skills
  • Ability to maintain discretion and confidentiality
EXPERIENCE: Minimum 3 (three) years related experience, including at least two years in a lead capacity, providing knowledge of tier one customer’s aircraft maintenance program. Integrated technical and operations management experience required.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology or related field; or equivalent background providing knowledge of appropriate business, industry, and technical principles, procedures and management techniques. Position requires FAA A&P license in good standing.

OTHER: Must be able to read, write, and speak effectively in English regarding safety sensitive work activities, per FAA requirements.

Individual will perform daily transactions within Flightstar’s ERP system (AMROS KIOSK) and vending (POU).

SAFETY: Work safely and follow safety rules and regulations. Take action to prevent others from engaging in unsafe practices. Endorse Flightstar’s SMS safety culture.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Lifts and carries hand tools, parts, and work materials; ascends and descends ladders and platforms; and frequently works in a variety of positions such as stooping, kneeling or squatting.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Functional duties and responsibilities numbered 1 through 15 are essential functions of this position.

MEASUREMENT OF PERFORMANCE: Performance is measured by the degree of success in performing the essential functions of the job and the goals set from established or previous performance review. Annual performance evaluations are given upon periodic review and input from the Supervisor.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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