Manage all aspects of South Louisiana Community College International School of Aviation Excellence’s FAA Flight Training Programs under Part 61 for both VFR and IFR Courses with emphasis on safety, training standards, operations, and regulations. Participate in routine meetings with Academic Dean a
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Chief Aviation Officer

South Louisiana Community College • 
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Manage all aspects of South Louisiana Community College International School of Aviation Excellence’s FAA Flight Training Programs under Part 61 for both VFR and IFR Courses with emphasis on safety, training standards, operations, and regulations. Participate in routine meetings with Academic Dean about performance, safety, and operational concerns. Conduct routine meetings with team members with regards to work loads, training standards and quality and safety.

Operations -
  • Personally comply with all FAA requirements and regulations and ISAE policies and safety practices;
  • Ensure the highest quality of flight and ground training in accordance with SLCC’s education philosophy;
  • Ensure ISAE compliance with all FAA requirements and regulations, including monitoring student progress, enhancing training processes, and ensuring record keeping standards through routine audits;
  • Audit, maintain and amend training file documents as necessary to ensure document accuracy;
  • Oversee the currency of all Reading File documents, including Operations Manual, Safety Procedures and Practices and effectively disseminate changes to school policies;
  • Coordinate with all flight and ground instructors to ensure standardization within the school when changes to curricula, documents and procedures are made; 
  • Track pass/fail rates for all Flight Evaluations, Ground School Tests, FAA Knowledge and Practical Tests;
  • Provide feedback to individual instructors regarding student Flight Evaluation performance;
  • Consult with instructors and students in the event of repeated unsatisfactory performance or unacceptable on-campus behavior;
  • Conduct monthly Check Pilot meetings to improve training processes, to include feedback from DPEs for best practice;
  • Manage instructor/student ratios and aircraft utilization;
  • Manage flight training schedule and aircraft dispatching, to include tracking of flight hours in relation to upcoming maintenance inspections, remaining on call for dispatch of night flights;
  • Remain on call to respond to off-site precautionary landing for training flights conducted outside of normal business hours, i.e. night flights, weekends;
  • Conduct ground and flight school classes in the event of the instructor’s absence;
  • Conduct biannual flight instructor standardization flights and quarterly flight instructor proficiency flights;
  • Conduct interviews with applicants seeking employment during open ground and flight instructor position postings;
  • Conduct tours of the facility with prospective students;
  • Consult with prospective students via telephone or interview about flight training, costs and expectations;
  • Ensure quality and quantity of aircraft fuel is stored appropriately and verify the integrity of the fuel storage and delivery system promptly reporting issues to the dean;
  • Complete special projects or perform special task assignments as required.
  • Implement school safety management system (SMS) in all areas of operations;
  • Promote a safety conscious environment in the workplace;
  • Promote safety management system to all staff and students;
  • Conduct periodic Safety Meetings with all staff as appropriate, highlighting Standards issues, Industry lessons and Safety guidance;
  • Conduct routine safety audits and SMS meetings and coordinate with the flight instructors to include compliance and reporting of aircraft discrepancies;
  • Ensure appropriate staffing levels, to include forecasting and monitoring annual training budgets based on recurrent training, standardization training.
  • Provide support, guidance and required training for all instructors;
  • Provide administrative guidance with respect to leave requests and reporting of timesheets;
  • Conduct meetings with instructors to set goals for self and workplace improvement;
  • Ensure currency of flight instructor qualifications, i.e. instructor certificate, medical certificate, aircraft operational currency, initial and recurrent TSA safety training and Threat and Error Management (TEM) training;
  • Responsible for the training related to well-being and morale of all students and instructors;
  • Liaison with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE) to schedule Practical Tests for students upon course completion;
  • Liaison with FAA personnel regarding and changes to Federal Aviation Regulations, FAA policies or procedures;
  • Oversee student enrollment, course compliance, and graduation;
  • Ensure master syllabi are current and submit changes to the curriculum committee;
  • Submit course schedules each semester;
  • Complete programmatic planning documents such as unit plans and program reviews.
Job Requirements:
Qualifications Desired
  • Experience with Robinson R-44 model helicopter strongly preferred.
Required Qualifications:
  • Associate Degree or higher in a related field;
  • Hold a current FAA Commercial Rotorcraft-Helicopter Pilot Certificate with Instrument-Helicopter Rating;
  • At least 1000 hours of total flight time with 500 in helicopters;
  • At least 50 hours of flight time under actual or simulated instrument conditions;
  • At least two years of flight instructor experience;
  • Hold a current FAA Class 2 Medical Certificate;
  • Experience with Robinson R-44 model helicopter strongly preferred with 50 hours in type and SFAR 73 endorsement to instruct;
  • Completion of Robinson Safety course;
  • Minimum 5 years of related aviation experience;
  • At least three years of supervisory experience.
Salary Range: $52,115.00-$78,515.00
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