Yulista Tactical, LLC. Is seeking a Guppy Aircraft Manager.  The Mgr is responsible for efficient management of the Guppy Aircraft, subordinate workers, equipment, facilities and materials at the FOL located in El Paso, Texas.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:Manage, Direct, and Plan SGT Aircraft maintenance and
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Guppy Aircraft Manager

Yulista Holding, LLC • 
El Paso, Texas, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Yulista Tactical, LLC. Is seeking a Guppy Aircraft Manager.  The Mgr is responsible for efficient management of the Guppy Aircraft, subordinate workers, equipment, facilities and materials at the FOL located in El Paso, Texas.
Manage, Direct, and Plan SGT Aircraft maintenance and modification actions at NASA’s Forward Operating Location in El Paso, Texas.Provide resource task guidance with the objective of meeting scheduled and unscheduled Government established priorities.Monitor and enforce compliance with all NASA and Contractor Quality/Safety mandates and processes.Have a systematic understanding of NASA processes and procedures as they relate to aircraft maintenance operationsTrack in SGT repair cycle, identify shortfalls and initiate procurement of assets as required.Establish deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor and summarizes progress of projects. .Provide daily SGT situational and technical reports to Site Management.Effectively communicate priorities with team members to ensure smooth process flow and eliminate potential work stoppages.Coordinate with Site Manager to formulate objectives, understand specified requirements, and priorities.  Compile estimates of all SGT labor skill types and man-hour requirements for project planningPrepare production plans for projects and operations through compiling customer requests, engineering designs, and specifications dataPlan and manage SGT Maintenance schedules to ensure 100% on-time delivery of required projectsOrganize SGT maintenance workflow plans to meet provisions and deadlines. Continuously assess project and resource requirementsEstablish cross-utilization plan for employees to achieve production goalsMaintain SGT production schedule and create production reports as needed to Site ManagementDetermine the status of work in process, time required to completion, and availability of materials.Establishes work sequences and provides workload assignments to individuals to meet Government imposed priorities.Redirects individual workers and resources to accomplish unanticipated work.Ensures logistics requirements to meet short, medium and long-range workload requirements are forecasted to minimize negative impacts to schedule flows.Provides technical direction in accomplishing sustainability projects.Implements corrective actions within designated authority to resolve work related problems.Plans and establishes overall leave schedules to ensure no negative impacts with mission requirements.Addresses subordinates’ concerns, whether perceived or real, and follows up with appropriate action to correct or eliminate tension in the workplace.Determines training needs of employees based on current and future requirements and arranges for training accomplishment.Ensures safety equipment and protective clothing/gear are worn when mandated by regulations.Participates in the daily maintenance meetings to address current and future work schedules, staffing needs, and provide recommendations as to scheduling projected workload.
Directly Manage 4 up to 27 personnel
Monitor production to resolve issues or shortfalls throughout the use of Microsoft Project.Ensure production flow is on schedule within allotted hours.Communicate the status of NAMIS generated work request tasks to the SGT Program OfficeAbility to identify difficulties in procedure and provide solutions for process improvementsMonitor completion of SGT work requests and adjust job schedule to meet mission requirementsIn concert with Site Management prioritize and plan production activities to maintain > 98% SGT Mission effectiveness rate.Promote, implement, and sustain employee involvement in safety and health compliance program.Proficient and knowledgeable understanding of various Automated Maintenance Information Systems used in tracking maintenance data, employee cross utilization training, control documentation to include engineering maintenance directives preferredDetail-oriented, ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks related to aircraft maintenance and adhere to strict timelines.Strong organizational and communication skills.Understanding of Microsoft Project Management, Excel, Word, and CAD PreferredProduction and implementation of Rough Order of Magnitude estimates preferred
Minimum High School Diploma (prefer Bachelors Degree in Management or Aviation)Must be able to multi-task, have effective interpersonal, communication and managerial skills to interface effectively with various cross-disciplines within AOD.10+ years heavy cargo aircraft maintenance experience.  Familiarity with Turboprop engines, aircraft mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic systems.Understanding of aircraft structural maintenance, landing gear, primary and secondary flight control systems.10+ years of experience in structure upgrades associated with the T-38 aircraft to include prototyping experience on newly developed aircraft upgrades, both structural and electrical.10+ years of experience in managing or leading a diverse workforce to accomplish T-38 structure upgrades/sustainment at a Depot/USAF Field Team Level.Must be able to obtain and maintain a Government Security Clearance
Yulista offers an excellent compensation and benefits package.  We are an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.  All qualified applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disabilities, protected military or veteran status.  To apply for this position, or view all of our job openings, visit us online at www.yulista.com, click on career opportunities.
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