Safety and Human Resources DirectorLohman Helicopter is seeking an Aviation Safety and Human Resources Director who will support the maintenance and oversight of aircraft and up to 25 personnel at several locations. The Director will be located in a central office in Lewiston Idaho and will oversee
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Safety and Human Resources Director

Lohman Helicopter • 
Lewiston, Idaho, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Safety and Human Resources Director

Lohman Helicopter is seeking an Aviation Safety and Human Resources Director who will support the maintenance and oversight of aircraft and up to 25 personnel at several locations. The Director will be located in a central office in Lewiston Idaho and will oversee the HR Department personnel and a Field Safety Supervisor.

The Safety Director is responsible for maintaining, crafting and implementing a comprehensive SMS Program to include ensuring that all elements of SMS are both implemented and followed at each location and by all personnel. All candidates must be familiar with and have relevant experience with working with SMS and be able to work with and interpret Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) and pertinent DOT regulations. Additionally, the candidate must be able to oversee assessment programs that both measure and ensure contract operations are meeting target safety objectives as well as complying with applicable regulations, procedures, protocols and guidelines. The Safety Director will be directly responsible in working with the Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance and the Chief Pilot, as well as interfacing with the Field Safety Supervisor to ensure that objectives and processes are in synchronization with both air and ground support crew safety.

The ideal candidate will have understanding with the Following
• Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, as they pertain to maintenance, flight operations, and repair
stations for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft.
• Understanding of SMS processes to include development of SMS Programs.
• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
• Understanding of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Specific Safety Director Duties
• Oversee a company-wide SMS program to ensure smooth implementation of the Safety program.
• Review the current SMS and develop a comprehensive Safety Management Systems Manual within 90-
• Assist in evaluating and selecting an appropriate automated SMS program that ensures various
elements of SMS are followed and tracked
• Develop a hazard reporting and hazard analysis program
• Ensure that HazMat processes are in place and in conformity with local, state and federal
• Coordinating with the DOM, develop an assessment program to assess all facets of maintenance operations to include evaluation of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, weight and balance, maintenance records, calibration, hazardous materials (including Safety Data Sheet management), tool control, etc.
• Develop safety training programs and implement the monthly safety meetings; emphasizing meeting annual safety goals.
• Ensure, capture and record all hazards identified as well as mitigation efforts.
• Establish standardized file systems so that all sites and personnel are using the same program structure.
• Provide for and accomplish processes to ensure all accidents and incidents are investigated
• Achieve & Implement IS-BAO Level III
• Secure OSHA VPP status for the company


The HR (Human Resources) Director guides and manages the provision of HR services, policies and programs for the entire company. The HR Director will implement employee services, policies and programs. The HR Director will report to the CEO and serve on the Management Team and assist and advise company management about Human Resources issues and programs.

Specific Human Resources Director Duties

Assist in the Company’s development:
• Assist in organizational and space planning.
• Employment compliance to state and federal regulations.
• Assist department heads in the recruitment and development of a superior workforce.
• Employee orientation, development and training, assist managers and track and schedule.
• Policy development and documentation; employee manuals and forms.
• Understand and manage employee relations.
• Facilitation of Company Goals for the HR Director requires:
o Strong leadership skills.
o Deep knowledge of group processes and structures.
o Understanding of group and personal dynamics, with an understanding of verbal and nonverbal communication.
o Empathy for staff and their situation, while adhering to company guidelines.
o Powerful listening and communication skills.
o Ability to structure individual and or group intervention when needed.
o Ability to present structure and team building, while keeping the “ball rolling”.
o Ability to draw both questions and solutions from staff to build a cohesive team mindset that moves the company forward.
o Strict adherence to confidentiality.
o Ability to react and respond with zero ‘drama” always maintaining professionalism.
o Ability to ease tension, while maintaining company policy.
• Excellent professional communicator in all contexts.
• Manage compensation and benefits.
• Emphasize employee safety, welfare, wellness and health.

Lohman Helicopter is looking for the professional candidate that will fill this vital dual but integrated role and be a valued member of our leadership team and will lead Lohman Helicopter Human Resources Practices and the Safety Program to objectives that will provide an employee orientated, high performance culture that emphasizes safety, employee empowerment, goal attainment, customer service and high productivity standards.

Job Requirements:
Safety Director Candidate Requirements
  • The candidate should have at least three (3) years of overall management experience with a preference for experience directly managing aviation safety programs.
  • The candidate must understand and have worked with SMS for at least 3 years.
  • The preferred candidate will have experience in maintenance and flight operations and experience working in a facet of ground safety.
  • The candidate must have previous training in OSHA, EPA, and/or hazardous material/waste storage, handling, and disposal.
  • The candidate should be able to demonstrate specific experience they developed and/or implemented to reduce risk.
  • Must have exceptional oral and technical writing skills.
  • Must be familiar with assessing aviation safety management programs using Aviation Resource Management Surveys, IS-BAO, or other recognized tools.
  • The candidate must be able to respond to a Corrective Action Request (CAR).
  • Be willing to travel estimated at once per month.
  • Minimum Bachelors Degree.
  • Be or acquire a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certificate, within 12 months of hire date.

Human Resources Director Candidate Requirements

  • Minimum: Three years verifiable professional HR Experience; aviation preferred.
  • Expertise is required in the following major areas:
  • Recruiting and Staffing; coordinating with, and in cooperation with company department managers
  • Performance Management; improving systems and creating the work environment in which staff are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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