FEAM AircraftMaintenance/Engineering iscurrently seeking an experienced StationManager to join our BWI Team!We pride ourselves on consistently exceedingour customers’ expectations and creating lifelong relationships with ourclientele. JOB TYPE: Full- Time JOB SUMMARY:The Station Manager reports dire
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Station Manager BWI

FEAM  • 
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
FEAM Aircraft
Maintenance/Engineering is
currently seeking an experienced Station
Manager to join our BWI Team!
We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding
our customers’ expectations and creating lifelong relationships with our
JOB TYPE: Full- Time
JOB SUMMARY:The Station Manager reports directly to the Regional Manager or the Director of
Maintenance. He / She is responsible for the operation of their assigned line maintenance
station and overall maintenance on Customer Aircraft during Service Checks, by
monitoring and assessing the needs of the customer operations and ensuring that
efficient manning levels are maintained. In the absence of the Station Manager
the Regional Manager or Director of Maintenance, may delegate his/her duties to
a designee.
·Coordinates all line station and service check maintenance,
ensuring the company’s customer’s
requirements are met and the customer’s schedules are maintained.
·Assures that personnel under their management follow company’s
prescribed safety practices in the performance of their duties.
·Ensure the customer’s requirements for manning and material are
fulfilled in a cost-effective manner.
·Ensure that the company’s equipment, material, and manpower time
are being properly documented by supervision for billing.
·Coordinate the efforts of the Managers, Supervisors, Leads and
Technicians in the maintenance, repair, overhaul and alteration of the aircraft
the company is responsible for.
·Responsible to establish the requirements of material support
needed for his / her area of responsibility.
·Maintain the repair station in a clean and orderly manner.
·Responsible for an operational expense and budget goal and to
maintain the operation within that goal.
·Ensure that the personnel under his / her management are
properly qualified, trained, and sufficient in number and authorized to perform
their duties.
·Ensure that the Company’s Turnover Log is being utilized and
properly filled out in accordance with company policy.
·Ensure that the personnel under their management follow all
applicable FAA / CFR rules and regulations, comply with the customer’s requirements,
and follow company policies.
·Responsible for enforcement of company policy and if necessary,
initiates disciplinary action against the personnel under their supervision as
·The Line Station Manager will ensure that the customer operating
procedures and manuals are followed at all times, i.e. Fueling, De-Icing and
all other special procedures required by customer’s Ops Specs.
QUALIFICATIONS:Able to Pass Airport Security Background Checks. Travels for
work as required. Good organizational skills and ability to manage
multiple priorities. Able to Read and Write in English.
REQUIREMENT: Current Valid
Driver’s License & A&P License.
Job Requirements:
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Ident #: FEAM Aircraft Maintenance
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