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Data that once took days to obtain through traditional survey and inventory methods is now gathered in a matter of hours with greater accuracy and far more detail utilizing a UAV. Using a UAV platform for data collection sensors and high-resolution cameras provides a vantage point for the most complete information and imagery available, and it is not subject to the same limitations in access as ground-based data collection. At McCord Engineering, we continue to grow our fleet, develop new technologies and add modern sensors to collect valuable data. We have a team of experienced utility industry professionals and FAA licensed pilots, dedicated to applying state-of-the-art technologies to produce high-quality deliverables for our clients. Our objective is to provide highly refined and accurate data to our clients about their facilities in the field in order to support specific business decisions and objectives. While many other firms are working toward diversifying their services across multiple industries, at McCord Engineering, we are staying focused on developing the best possible services and resources for the electric utility industry.
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