PDS is seeking a Aircraft Painter for an open position in Savannah GA In your role, you will:Cleans, preps, masks, and sprays aircraft surface and/or sub-assembly parts for the paint process. Assures each step meets prescribed specifications and quality standards.Applies masking procedures and maski
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Aircraft/Automotive Painter in Greensboro, NC

PDS Tech, Inc. • 
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
PDS is seeking a Aircraft Painter for an open position in Savannah GA
In your role, you will:
  • Cleans, preps, masks, and sprays aircraft surface and/or sub-assembly parts for the paint process. 
  • Assures each step meets prescribed specifications and quality standards.Applies masking procedures and masking prep for landing gear and training plates and/or aircraft parts.Exercises proper paint prep care around windows, sanding, etc.
  • Prepares paint surface for proper paint thickness/even coating to ensue that final gloss finish is blemish free. Alerts management of any misalignment with specifications.Applies primers and chemical conversion coats to prepare aircraft aluminum surface to have paint adhere and to prevent corrosion. 
  • Fills, primes, paints Fasteners and Pin holes.
  • Promixes use and application of paint via computer driven application.Maintains paint gun pressure pots and additional spray equipment and executes proper usage.Prepares and primes application of aircraft parts and skins and aircraft mockup used for aircraft display shows. After completion of primer, clears any spots and defects, and applies touch up if required. 
  • Inspects base color coat before applying metallic clear color application.Prepares and applies topcoat application with little or no direction,Buffs and polishes for final finish using proper abrasives.
  • Removes pull tapes and masking tape material after paint prep stage is completed. Conducts aircraft final finish of metallic and pearl coats and other specialty coating applications including gradient paint color coats.Inspects aircraft for any defects, discoloration, spots, and touchup as needed.
  • Maintains a clean and organized work area.Implements and consistently follows the 5s program (Sort, Systematize, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) which includes cleaning up as one works, cleaning work station at end of day.  Conducts work area deep cleaning on designated specialty dates.  Performs additional duties as assigned.
Job Requirements:
Education, Experience, Certification and/or Licensure:
  • 2+ years experience 
  • High School Diploma or equivalent. SSPC Certification strongly preferred.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to meet EPA certification requirements.
  • Advanced paint mixing knowledge and abilities to color blend and color match existing finishes during spot paint repair inspection.
  • Understands process for masking around intricate areas such as logo and exterior areas.
  • Exhibits teamwork and strong work ethics.Ability to work overtime, call in, call back, and on call duty if so requested by management.Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Lotus Notes, and PowerPoint) preferred.Preferred working knowledge of SAP and TCM manufacturing at beginner level.Ability to read, understand, and interpret engineer coating drawings, customer option selections solutions, and placard installations (interior, exterior, and wheel well).Detail oriented.Familiar with Hazardous and self-verification processes applicable to chemicals such as Alodine, Alodine PH, MEK and solvent usage.Skilled in selecting appropriate abrasive required to perform surface prep on substrates such as composite without errors preferred.Fundamental knowledge to manually control orange peel and successfully atomize coatings to a controlled dry film thickness in accordance with coatings specifications and EPA regulations preferred.Proficient skill at masking procedures applied to the aircraft and aircraft components preferred.
Physical Requirements:Incumbents may be routinely exposed to equipment operational noise heat-cold-dust, and/or aircraft equipment, parts, or fuel odors.Incumbents may be required to stand, sit, squat, walk, bend, move, reach, or stretch for prolonged time periods with no restrictions, as required by job duties.Work in a safe and professional manner while adhering to all regulatory requirements (FAA, OSHA, DOT, EPA, State, and Federal regulations, etc.).Read, hear, speak, and see with no restrictions, as required by job duties.Comprehend and adhere to management directions and/or safety instructions with no restrictions.Effectively communicate in Business English language.Pull, push, carry, lift, or move items up to 10 lbs. throughout the work shift without assistance, as required by job duties.Pull, push, carry, lift or move materials/people/items/equipment weighing up to 50lbs or more during the work shift, with the use of Company provided “reach assistance technology” or “movement assist technology” (fork-lifts, pallet jacks, pulleys, dolly’s, robotics reach equipment, people movers etc.), as required by job duties.Must have full range of motion and agility
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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