Safely pilot a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, simple.You will have to live on Oahu, fly between Oahu, Molokai and Maui. Look at a map, yup, that's water between them islands.According to NBAA, there are four areas pilots are concerned with:#1 Predictability of Schedule: Four or
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Caravan Captain

Schuman Aviation Company Ltd • 
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:

Safely pilot a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, simple.
You will have to live on Oahu, fly between Oahu, Molokai and Maui. Look at a map, yup, that's water between them islands.

According to NBAA, there are four areas pilots are concerned with:
#1 Predictability of Schedule: Four or Five days a week between 6:00am and 18:00, home for dinner every night honey.
#2 Compensation: Probably not to many Caravan pilots making over $110k a year "working" five days a week.
#3 Retirement Benefits: That's up to you and the President of the USA at that time, you manage your own matching simple IRA.
#4 Job Stability: Well, all I can say about that is slow steady growth on the aviation side since 1996, unless you want to count my other company, established in 1893. Goggle it, Schuman Carriage Company Ltd. If 125 years is not a definition of stability, what is? 
The one I hear lot is "Quality of life". That Hawaii's got better than most States, unless your definition of quality of life is trudging thru the snow in sub zero weather. Hawaii were 76 degrees all year around, give or take 10 degrees.
Retired Military Welcome. it's slow & small stuff compared to what your use to flying but it's fun flying. You actually have to push and pull.
Job Requirements:

Commercial Instrument Airplane, ATP not required
Live on the island of Oahu.
MUST have at least 1200 plus Total Time PIC in airplanes. Look, if you don't have the time, don't send me your resume, blame the FAA, but regs are regs.

Meet FAR 135.243 regulations, pilots are suppose to know how to read, you'd be amazed how many apps I get and they are hoping I don't read.
Some Turbine and or FAA Part 135 experience required. If your only been a CFI with 10,000 hours, I'm not interested. I'd rather have a 2000 pilot that actually pushed and pulled. No yea but's..sorry
We fly day & night, single pilot IFR in Commuter Service. That means you fly by yourself and have to make all the decisions by yourself. No Whinny the Poo in the right seat so its not for everyone, that's ok.
Bonus: If you are an ATP- We have a Piper Chieftain, King Air's, Citation II so good to have. I'd love to get you checked out in those also
Good attitude and friendly toward passengers, you will be interacting with the same passengers often. This is a place where the passengers "Know Your Name" and treat you like family.

Only three things you have to think about to work for my company when it comes to making a decision, #1 Can you do it safely. #2 Is it good for the customer. #3 Is it good for the company. Answer Yes to # 1 and #2, then Just Do It. We can talk about #3 later, #1 and #2 are have too's. 

 First hurdle you have to get over is moving to Hawaii. The rest is easy.

Salary Range: $85,000`-$110,000
Relocation: Yes
Travel: none
Job Ident #:

JSfirm, LLC

Roanoke, TX

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