Special Applications Group (SAG) is seeking experienced Blackhawk Aircrew Trainer (BAT) Aviation Simulator Instructor/Operators (I/O) for a pre-award effort on the ANG ATSOS program.   POSITIONS ARE CONTINGENT UPON CONTRACT AWARD. SAG is a values-based, Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small B
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Aviation Simulator Instructor Operators - BAT

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Johnston, Iowa, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Special Applications Group (SAG) is seeking experienced Blackhawk Aircrew Trainer (BAT) Aviation Simulator Instructor/Operators (I/O) for a pre-award effort on the ANG ATSOS program.
SAG is a values-based, Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with access, currency, and relevance throughout the Department of Defense and Homeland Security communities. We have an unmatched blend of military, special operations, aviation, homeland security and other specialists who bring responsive, tailored services and products to dynamic organizations.
* Full Time
* TBD - Depends on contract award date
* Camp Dodge, IA
Simulator Scheduling and Utilization:
* Develop, maintain, and distribute a weekly use schedule for unit and Regional pilots’ training.
* Update this schedule weekly in coordination with the local Quality Assurance Representative.
* The supported battalions/units/AASF will develop its own Simulator Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) containing policies, guidelines, and administrative procedures for scheduling simulator training and keeping records.
* Contribute to any development or revision of the Simulator SOP and shall comply with the SOP as long as it does not conflict with this PWS.
Regional Aviation Simulator Instructor Operator (I/O):
* Aviation instruction and simulator operation at the simulator sites.
* Instruction of all base and mission tasks in accordance with the appropriate aircraft ATM, APART academic evaluation topics as listed in the applicable ATM, mission scenario development, instrument training/evaluation, crew coordination, and collective operator training.
* Provide in the monthly report, at a minimum, the performance tasks accomplished at each device location and projected tasks to be accomplished for the following month.
* Present his or her flight records and qualifications to the Battalion/AASF/Facility Standardization Instructor Pilot for review upon arrival to the unit.
* Services shall be adequate to support 4-5 two hour periods per day per simulator device. The number of periods per day will be dependent upon the operating hours of that device as prescribed by the local command. Simulators will typically be operated between the hours of 0700 and 1900 local time, but can be flexed to accommodate the facilities operating hours. ARNG training sites typically operate four (4) days each week for ten (10) hours each day and at least one weekend each month. Traditional five (5) day, eight (8) hour per day, one weekend each month schedules can also be found at some ARNG facilities. Site specific hours of operation will be provided in the Task Order.
* I/O aviation instruction and simulator operation conducted during the scheduled simulator periods and I/O administrative requirements.
* At each supported location the Government’s Standardization Pilot will conduct a “check ride”, IAW the ATM, of the assigned I/Os to train and certify the Contractor I/O in the particular unit’s standard operating procedures, tactics, and standards.
* Upon successful completion of the check-ride, provide training within the bounds of AR 95-1 and the airframe respective ATM.
* Capture data through the IOS and provide training assessments and input to AARs in accordance with the local and post flight procedures.
* Document all individual pilot simulator hour usage on DA Form 2408-12, at the completion of each flight, in accordance with DA PAM 738-751, for subsequent transcription by the owning unit in the devices’ logbook daily DA Form 2408-13.
* Report device utilization by State (to include no-shows, availability rate, scenario development time unique to I/O, and downtime) to QAR at the conclusion of each work week.
* Report device utilization data in the Task Order Monthly Report submitted to the COR.
* Act as a RFMSS Fire Desk Operator in the Army range and facility scheduling system (RF-MSS).
* Use RFMSS to schedule every simulator training period. Each simulator period shall be scheduled in RFMSS within 12 hours of receipt. Each simulator training day shall be closed out within 24 hours.
* The contractor UH-72A SFTS I/O shall travel from the home station of the device to, up to, six (6) satellite-training sites as often as twice per year for each satellite location. Each Task Order will identify the specific travel locations. The UH-72A SFTS I/O will also provide the services described in PWS Paragraphs 5.2-5.2.6.
* Duration of the satellite-training schedule will be dependent upon the amount of days required for each UH-72A aviator assigned at that site to receive 12 hours of simulator training. The local Government Quality Assurance Representative at each satellite site will provide a training schedule to the contractor prior to SFTS device movement.
* Secret security clearance.
* Qualified as an Instructor Pilot in the respective aircraft simulator and an Instrument Flight Examiner, or have documented three years of experience as an Aviation Simulator I/O in the required aircraft device.
* Qualifications shall be made available to the COR upon request.
* Prior experience training or operating with Army Aviation (or Military Equivalent).
* Possible travel to other CONUS installations where simulators are fielded or deployed or where a unit is conducting extended training operations, such as New Equipment Training or Mobilization Training; or to the simulator’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) facility to receive initial training.
* Periodically the transportable simulators may be moved to support training temporarily.
* The I/O will move with the simulator.
* May be required to enter into Temporary Duty (TDY) at another location to support required training.
* Travel required when assigned simulator is moved and used at a different location.
* Travel required in order to participate in Unit Fielding Training Programs (UFTP) with their assigned simulators.
* BA/BS desired.
We offer a competitive salary and full benefits package. Come join our dynamic team!
SAG is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability or national origin.
Job Requirements:
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Ident #: A0AE1FAAB5

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