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...Hi Amanda, I just wanted to let you know that I had my interview with Bombardier last week and at the end I asked them what they thought of my resume. They said that the resume looked top notch and that was part of the reason I got a face to face interview. I just figured you would like to hear about stuff like this and also thank you very much for your help on getting it cleaned up. I stand a very good chance of getting this job and I will let you know.

...It's a winner. Thanks Amanda. You really give a great product.

...Amanda, after I received the resume you did for me, I got a call. I really think your recommendations were the reason for this. I am really impressed. Thank you!!!! Sharon

...Amanda, THANK YOU! You really did an outstanding job on my resume. I am impressed with the amount you know about the aviation industry. I tell all my friends about your service. I received the USB with my resumes in it. Great that I can file it way. Again thanks! Rich

...I am very pleased with the Resume that JSfirm did for me.  I really liked the way it was done and how it was worded.  The professionals at JSfirm took my career objectives into consideration and constructed my resume for what type of position I wanted.  You might not get the job your looking for but something better!  That's what happened to me.  I was looking for a job as an A&P Mechanic and I just accepted a position as an Inspector.  I am still receiving calls today from prospective employers who saw my resume on JSfirm. - Gilbert

...I wanted to write and tell you thank you.  The day after we uploaded this resume Travis was called and asked to come in for an interview.  He was hired that day.  The resume speaks for itself and when the time comes that he may look at different employment we will defiantly have you brush it up.  You do amazing work.   Thanks again!!! - Travis

...Hi Jaime, I just wanted to write to you to let you know what a great product JS Firm has. I have been a JS Firm customer since 2005.The first time I posted my resume with JS Firm my resume was redone to reflect my aviation career. After this was done it was posted, and in less than a month I got my first job, and was very happy. In December 2009 I found myself with out a job. So again I went to JS Firm, and posted my resume. After this you (Jaime) sent me an email after having noticed that I had posted my resume. When talking with you (Jaime) on the phone you suggested having my resume redone again, and this time to reflect my management skills. So you put me in contact with Amanda. Amanda did an awesome job of redoing my resume, and after posting now both my resumes online. Again in less than a month I found my second job, and was very happy especially knowing how many people are out of work these days. I tell everyone I can in the aviation business what a great company JS Firm is, and what a great product you have. Jaime, and Amanda you two are wonderful people that showed me allot of patience and confidence when I needed it. Amanda again you did an awesome job with my resume. Ladies Thank You very much for all you did for me and for the great experience I had. I will continue to tell people what an awesome company JS Firm is. Again thank you for everything.

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