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Yrs ExpLocationRelocate?Pref. States
10-20Texas yes TX
1-3Texas yes NY CA
10-20Florida no
10-20Florida yes FL FL
1-3Nevada no
20+Florida yes FL FL
1Florida yes FL
5-10Texas yes CA AZ
1Colorado yes CO CA
1-3Colorado yes CO CO
20+West Virginia yes NC FL
20+New Jersey no
5-10North Carolina yes NC NC
20+Hawaii yes WD
10-20Florida yes FL WD
10-20Georgia yes GA TN
3-5Indiana no
5-10New York no
20+California yes
10-20Florida no
20+Texas yes TX TX
10-20Maryland no
20+Florida no
StudentInternational yes WD
3-5Alabama no
1-3Missouri no
5-10Oklahoma no
5-10California yes CA
1-3Texas no
5-10Connecticut no
20+California no
3-5California no
1-3Florida yes FL NY
1-3Georgia yes GA SC
3-5North Carolina yes NC
5-10Florida yes FL
3-5California yes CA AK
10-20Nevada yes CA AZ
1-3Florida no
1-3Florida no
20+Texas yes TX
3-5Florida yes FL FL
10-20New York yes CO
5-10Florida yes FL FL
10-20Tennessee yes TN TX
20+Florida yes NY MA
10-20International yes FL CA
5-10Florida yes TX CA
10-20New York yes NJ NJ
1-3South Carolina no
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